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Advice, video, expert comment and strategies on sustainability, carbon management and green practices in construction

Lindsey Malcolm

Real application and impact of carbon calculators

There is a balance between embodied carbon and operational carbon, with both emissions types having similar impacts today. Where there is a high contribution of renewable energy or in countries where there is a net zero strategy, when predictive analysis is done for a building's lifecycle that looks 20-30 years ...

José Francisco García

Case study: Circular construction in a desalination plant

José Francisco García, Senior Project Director, Acciona outlines the novel reuse approach the company took that saved time and money, and reduced the emissions associated with an expansion project. The case study looks at the circular construction approach taken at the Umm Al Houl Independent Water & Power project in ...

Matthew Anthony

Embodied carbon benchmark

Embodied carbon is a significant part of the construction industry's emissions, and an area that will need to be reduced if the sector is to decarbonise. Today, it stands at about 11% of total annual carbon emissions, and cutting this will be difficult if the industry in the Middle East ...

CTF 2022

Net zero strategies across the property value chain

With 2021 being a turning point in the construction industry’s attitude to climate action and how end-users view built assets, most serious players in the market are embarking on a sustainability strategy. This discussion outlines different approaches to decarbonisation across the value chain regarding both green and brownfield assets. It ...

CTF 2022

Decarbonisation 101 for the construction sector

The construction industry has begun to take decarbonisation far more seriously, with many companies now writing strategies that set out their approach to achieving a low carbon future. But, if you've never developed a low-carbon strategy before, where do you start? And how do you get internal and external stakeholders ...

CTF 2022 - low carbon

Master planning for low carbon communities

As governments set decarbonisation targets, this opening panel at the Construction Technology Festival 2022 focused on how future communities and cities will be designed with low-carbon targets in mind, and the role that digitalisation and construction technologies will play to ensure that these targets are met. It also discussed ideas ...

Paul Wallett

Interview: Paul Wallet, Trimble

Paul Wallet, Regional Director, Trimble Solutions Middle East & India, looks at the rise in use of advanced construction technologies, the role of data, automation and sustainability. Video timeline: 30 seconds: Acceleration in use of construction technology2.30: Data use3.30: Predictive modelling5.30: Advanced digitalisation examples8.40: Sustainability and embodied carbon12.30: Technology opportunities ...

Eoin Sheridan

Managing the environmental footprint of Saudi mega projects

Digitally powered environmental site management is a reality. From the initial brief, to design, construction and site operations, environmental parameters such as noise, waste, air, energy, spoil and recycled materials can be measured on large-scale projects. Eoin Sheridan, Regional Environmental Manager, KEO International Consultants, explores real-life experiences in digitised environmental ...

Sustainable construction

6D BIM: A digital approach to sustainability in construction

In 2019, the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of the building and construction industry increased to their highest levels to date, representing 38% of global energy-related CO2 emissions. As an industry that employs 7% of the world’s working age population and as 68% of the world’s population will live in urban ...

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