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Advice, video, expert comment and strategies on use of 3D printing in construction

Advancing 3D printing to mass use

Advancing 3D printing to mass use

3D printing will change construction. It will introduce new approaches to design, reduce construction times and minimise waste. But, as with many new technologies, it has obstacles to overcome in its route to mass use. Challenges include ensuring projects are designed with 3D printing from the get-go, working more closely ...

3d printing machine

3d printing in construction

3D printing will fundamentally change parts of the construction industry over the coming years. Much like modular and prefabricated construction, it will introduce a manufacturing-type process to the industry, create a far greater reliance on software and over time significantly reduce carbon emissions. The Middle East is increasingly seeing pilot ...

3D printed house, Sharjah

Building on early 3D printed projects

Excitement around 3D printing is growing. What are the early lessons the industry has learned that it can build on as use of 3D printing accelerates? The construction industry is yet to see the real revolution in architectural reform come about through use of 3D printing. Whilst there have been ...

AREF Boualwan Awards- construction leader

Construction Technology Awards Leader: Aref Boualwan

Aref Boualwan, Group Manager, Digital Transformation, Consolidated Contractors Company and Strategy Officer, World Economic Forum, discusses the 3D printing work CCC has done, and its commitment towards sustainability The construction industry will have to reduce its carbon emissions in the coming years, including accounting for embodied carbon and introducing net-zero ...

Mansour Faried Awards- construction leader

Construction Technology Awards Leader: Mansour Faried

Mansour Faried, Chief Engineer & Corporate Engineering Director at China State Construction Engineering Corporation Middle East, has been shortlisted in the Construction Technology Leader category of the Construction Technology Awards https://www.youtube.com/embed/oAoQnr1N-9Y In our interview, he discusses what he looks for when testing new technologies, how industry attitudes towards construction technology ...


A catalyst for future construction technology growth

Technology use and digitalisation in construction was forced upon the industry in 2020. Was it the catalyst that will see real growth construction technology? Technology use in construction in 2020 was shaped by Covid-19. That could not have been predicted 12 months ago. But on reflection, that a global health ...


Emulating Martian soil on Earth to create super-strength concrete

Martian Concrete could be key to future human colonisation on Mars As engineers continue to evolve modern concrete on Earth, some materials scientists have taken their concrete visions one step further into space. Scientists led by Lin Wan at Northwestern University in the US developed the Martian concrete using materials that are ...

Researchers test soil-based materials for 3D printed buildings

A research team in the US are investigating the use of soil as an alternative to concrete in 3D printed buildings. If successful, they say it will help the construction industry develop more sustainable building methods and could provide “dignified” homes in poorer regions. Using local materials such as soil ...

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