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Emulating Martian soil on Earth to create super-strength concrete

Martian Concrete could be key to future human colonisation on Mars As engineers continue to evolve modern concrete on Earth, some materials scientists have taken their concrete visions one step further into space. Scientists led by Lin Wan at Northwestern University in the US developed the Martian concrete using materials that are ...

Researchers test soil-based materials for 3D printed buildings

A research team in the US are investigating the use of soil as an alternative to concrete in 3D printed buildings. If successful, they say it will help the construction industry develop more sustainable building methods and could provide “dignified” homes in poorer regions. Using local materials such as soil ...

3D printed construction projects in the GCC

3D printed construction projects in the GCC

A round up of the completed 3D printing construction projects in the UAE and Saud Arabia. Project Name: Two-storey Office Building for Dubai MunicipalityLocation: Dubai, UAECompletion Date: October 2019Main Contractor: Engineering Contracting Company (ECC)Technology Lead: Apis Cor Robotic construction company Apis Cor was the technology provider for the world's largest 3D-printed building ...

Construction technologies: Mixed Reality and 4D BIM

Construction technologies: Mixed Reality and 4D BIM

In this clip from the Digital Construction Hub's webinar on '10 technologies disrupting construction', we focus on mixed reality (augmented and virtual reality) and its links with construction sequencing (4D BIM). Augmented reality (AR) allows for a conceptual design to be overlaid on to an existing surface. Awareness about the ...


Construction wrap: A rise in offsite, automation and BIM

A weekly round up of news relevant to digital construction professionals The process- and manufacturing-oriented approach of offsite construction means it can become the new normal in the industry post pandemic. According to Stewart Dalgarno, project director for AIMCH, as companies begin working again as Covid-19 eases, it will become ...

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