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Advice, video, expert comment and strategies on sustainability, carbon management and green practices in construction

Pioneering Digital Transformation and Sustainability

Pioneering Digital Transformation and Sustainability

Discover NEOM's groundbreaking initiative in Saudi Arabia, reshaping construction with sustainability. Through innovative digital strategies, NEOM is revolutionizing global construction, integrating advanced technologies and circular practices. Join Menno de Jonge, Director of Digital Delivery at NEOM, in exploring NEOM's commitment to sustainability and its transformative approach. NEOM is redefining construction ...

Using construction technology to reduce emissions

Embodied carbon refers to the carbon emissions generated during the construction process. The extraction, manufacturing, transportation and refinement of raw materials, along with the disposal and installation of old supplies all lead to embodied carbon emissions. This is limited not only to construction but also to utilities and natural oil ...

CTF 2022

Rethinking building materials to reduce the construction footprint

The built environment is reliant on energy-hungry materials. Iron & steel, glass, plastics, concrete and cement all require huge amounts of energy and resources to manufacture, and without finding alternative materials or new approaches, the construction sector’s efforts to reduce its emissions and carbon footprint will fail. This panel will ...

Understanding the Esco model

Understanding the Esco model

How well is the Esco (energy services company) business model understood by asset owners, operators, property managers and facility managers? How do they see the sector – is there a culture of energy management? Is there appetite, given lower tariffs vs. a long pay-back period? Is there trust for these ...

Elie Matar

Energy and water use benchmarks for existing buildings

The RSB Dubai outlines its new energy and water rating scheme for the emirate's offices and residential buildings. Local benchmarks will be used to assess the performance of property, thus identifying efficiency levels of buildings, and encouraging retrofit projects and ultimately net zero property. Presented by: Elie Matar, Head of ...

Optimising offsite manufacturing for engineers

Optimising offsite manufacturing for engineers

The built environment accounts for approximately 25% of global CO2 emissions. Reaching net zero by 2050 will require buildings and construction industry to decarbonise three times faster over the next 30 years versus the previous 30. How will engineers contribute and collaborate to succeed? This session focuses on Design for ...

Henrique Pereira

Case study: Retrofitting a commercial building

This talk looks at how to cut energy use in a commercial building, using a recent retrofit example at the Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort in Fujairah, UAE. It follows a five-year shared saving contract that set out over a longer period to cut energy bills whilst removing technical and ...

Maji Monday

Case study: A net zero warehouse retrofit

A retrofit success story that explores the digital and technological advancements that were implemented across an energy efficiency project, and the benefits these introduced. Presented by: Maji Monday, Director of HSSEQ, Projects and Maintenance, RSA Global https://youtu.be/pEFBmDkbi-s Below is the audience Q&A session with all speakers from the Retrofit track ...

Iman Abi Saab

Easy wins to reduce embodied carbon

For a new building that is fully compliant with building codes, half of its carbon emissions are likely to be from embodied carbon. Today, about 40% of global energy rated emissions are due to buildings and construction, making the embodied element about 20%. As populations rise and the trend of ...

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