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Advice, video, expert comment and strategies on sustainability, carbon management and green practices in construction

Eoin Sheridan

Managing the environmental footprint of Saudi mega projects

Digitally powered environmental site management is a reality. From the initial brief, to design, construction and site operations, environmental parameters such as noise, waste, air, energy, spoil and recycled materials can be measured on large-scale projects. Eoin Sheridan, Regional Environmental Manager, KEO International Consultants, explores real-life experiences in digitised ...

Sustainable construction

6D BIM: A digital approach to sustainability in construction

In 2019, the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of the building and construction industry increased to their highest levels to date, representing 38% of global energy-related CO2 emissions. As an industry that employs 7% of the world’s working age population and as 68% of the world’s population will live in ...

Dubai city

Get business benefit from net-zero carbon construction

Carbon reduction policies are not just about doing the right thing – they can make financial sense for all parties, including the end user Carbon reduction and sustainability strategies are going to be increasingly demanded within construction, particularly in projects that rely on international finance. If it is accepted that ...

David Glennon, CTF 2021

Digital transformation on giga projects – The Red Sea Development

The Red Sea Project aims to diversify Saudi Arabia’s economy, and is using a number of digital techniques during construction to keep it on schedule and maintaining environmental principles Regenerative development is an important element of the Red Sea Project. The Red Sea Development Company has been tasked with not ...

AREF Boualwan Awards- construction leader

Construction Technology Awards Leader: Aref Boualwan

Aref Boualwan, Group Manager, Digital Transformation, Consolidated Contractors Company and Strategy Officer, World Economic Forum, discusses the 3D printing work CCC has done, and its commitment towards sustainability The construction industry will have to reduce its carbon emissions in the coming years, including accounting for embodied carbon and introducing net-zero ...

Photo by Ivan Henao, Unsplash

Tackling embodied carbon emissions in construction

In part 1 of our focus on embodied carbon, we look at some of the challenges facing understanding and measurement of emissions from the non-operational phase of a building Sustainability in construction is a growing focus and increasingly flagged by developers as a benefit in a build’s marketing. Whilst sustainability ...


Hydrogen investigated in green cement manufacture

A demonstration unit in Wales is investigating the use of hydrogen to supplement gas in the production of a green cement Researchers at Swansea University in the UK and Hanson, a subsidiary of Heidelberg Cement, are running a demonstration unit to produce cement using green hydrogen as the fuel source. ...

Researchers test soil-based materials for 3D printed buildings

A research team in the US are investigating the use of soil as an alternative to concrete in 3D printed buildings. If successful, they say it will help the construction industry develop more sustainable building methods and could provide “dignified” homes in poorer regions. Using local materials such as soil ...

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