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Tag: Embodied carbon

Advice, video, expert comment and strategies on accounting for embodied carbon in construction, and practices that can minimise emissions

Iman Abi Saab

Easy wins to reduce embodied carbon

For a new building that is fully compliant with building codes, half of its carbon emissions are likely to be from embodied carbon. Today, about 40% of global energy rated emissions are due to buildings and construction, making the embodied element about 20%. As populations rise and the trend of ...

Lindsey Malcolm

Real application and impact of carbon calculators

There is a balance between embodied carbon and operational carbon, with both emissions types having similar impacts today. Where there is a high contribution of renewable energy or in countries where there is a net zero strategy, when predictive analysis is done for a building's lifecycle that looks 20-30 years ...

Matthew Anthony

Embodied carbon benchmark

Embodied carbon is a significant part of the construction industry's emissions, and an area that will need to be reduced if the sector is to decarbonise. Today, it stands at about 11% of total annual carbon emissions, and cutting this will be difficult if the industry in the Middle East ...

CTF 2022 - low carbon

Master planning for low carbon communities

As governments set decarbonisation targets, this opening panel at the Construction Technology Festival 2022 focused on how future communities and cities will be designed with low-carbon targets in mind, and the role that digitalisation and construction technologies will play to ensure that these targets are met. It also discussed ideas ...

Photo by Ivan Henao, Unsplash

Tackling embodied carbon emissions in construction

In part 1 of our focus on embodied carbon, we look at some of the challenges facing understanding and measurement of emissions from the non-operational phase of a building Sustainability in construction is a growing focus and increasingly flagged by developers as a benefit in a build’s marketing. Whilst sustainability ...

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