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Advice, video, expert comment and strategies on use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) software in construction planning and design

Facility Management Enabled Construction Modeling

Facility Management Enabled Construction Modeling

FM Enabled Construction Modeling, often referred to as Facility Management Enabled Construction Modeling or simply FM Modeling, is a specialised application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. It involves the creation of detailed 3D models that not only encompass the design and construction phases of a building project but also ...

Reine EL Hokayem

BIM driven cost management in modular projects

Using BIM with modular for quantification and cost management purposes can further enhance the ROI in industrialised construction. This session reviews a 5D+ offsite project and how it improved cost efficiency and speed to market. Speakers: Reine EL Hokayem, VDC Coordinator, Nesma & Partners Contracting Co. https://youtu.be/SBXoBFrim1Q More from the ...

Tony Abou Jawad

Design automation and construction risk management

Speaking at the Construction Technology Festival 2022, Tony Abou Jawad, Industry Territory Manager, Autodesk, explores what Artificial Intelligence means for the construction industry through a range of case studies. https://youtu.be/sZ-zfzlur5U Below is the audience Q&A session with all speakers from the Success stories in machine learning and artificial intelligence track ...

Jean Ghazal

Using immersive technology for better project management

Jean Ghazal, Director of Preconstruction and VDC, Nesma & Partners Contracting Co, outlined how the company has developed immersive experiences for some of its construction projects, focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR), as well as the importance of high-quality data for BIM use. AI helps the company ...

CTF - Abdulmajid Karanouh,

Interdisciplinary design management through 4D digital visual interaction

Developing immersive virtual experiences throughout the design and build stages improves profitability, efficiency, safety and end-user experience People involved in feasibility study rarely get involved in the design, construction or operation of an asset. This generates gaps and silos, such as lack of integration and performance validation. "If you have ...

Construction Technology Awards finalist: Omar Ahmed

Construction Technology Awards finalist: Omar Ahmed

Omar Ahmed, Senior BIM Coordinator, China State Construction Engineering Corporation Middle East has been shortlisted in two categories of the Construction Technology Awards: Rising Star and BIM Champion Why did you focus on BIM? Since 2009 (graduating from architecture engineering) through my initial five years’ experience I found that the ...

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