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Advice, video, expert comment and strategies on use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) software in construction planning and design

David Glennon Awards- construction leader

Construction Technology Awards Leader: David Glennon

David Glennon, Digital Delivery Director, The Red Sea Development Company has been shortlisted in the Construction Technology Leader category of the Construction Technology Awards. Here, he talks about the many digital tools being used in the Red Sea project underway in Saudi Arabia, and how these are aiding the development ...

Talgat Baimukanov Awards Rising Star

Construction Technology Awards Rising Star: Talgat Baimukanov

Talgat Baimukanov, Planner, Turner & Townsend, has been shortlisted in the Rising Star category of the 2021 Construction Technology Awards. He discusses how BIM is changng construction processes What made you interested in a career in this area of construction technology?  While studying at Glasgow Caledonian University I came across ...

Maintaining BIM data security

Maintaining BIM data security

Compliance with security standards and good training of staff is not just essential to minimise potential security risks, it also brings business benefits Data security is becoming ever more important, particularly as collaboration between departments or companies increases and siloed working is broken down. But the different standards, training and ...

Mansour Faried Awards- construction leader

Construction Technology Awards Leader: Mansour Faried

Mansour Faried, Chief Engineer & Corporate Engineering Director at China State Construction Engineering Corporation Middle East, has been shortlisted in the Construction Technology Leader category of the Construction Technology Awards https://www.youtube.com/embed/oAoQnr1N-9Y In our interview, he discusses what he looks for when testing new technologies, how industry attitudes towards construction technology ...

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Using BIM Facilities Management to digitalise asset lifecycles

BIM for FM is an evolving trend aiming to fulfil the informational needs of the operational phase of assets Moving towards full lifecycle digitalised project workflows is expected to bring clear benefits to any company owning or operating a building or industrial facility. Facilities owners can spend a lot of ...

Issam El Absi - challenges BIM and digital transformation

Managing digital transformation using BIM

BIM is an essential part of many construction projects and a crucial element of digital transformations within the sector, but can introduce a number of challenges that must be overcome A number of challenges must be faced on the digitalisation journey to ensure good use of BIM during a construction ...

Wasl Gate, Dubai

Driving growth in modular construction

Population growth is driving the need for affordable housing units to be treated as a top priority by authorities - use of modular offers potential to meet that demand By introducing a manufacturing-style approach to building, modular construction offers benefits such as faster completion times, an improved ability to keep ...

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