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Advice, video, expert comment and strategies on use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) software in construction planning and design

What clients need from Asset Information Models: InEight

What clients need from Asset Information Models: InEight

With the industry still very much focused on capex, the digital handover of the asset model can be a black hole. In this series of talks, clients outline what they need from their Asset Information Models and how the supply chain should account for these early on to provide operational ...

Mohamed S. Hemdan

Digital site capture and remote supervision: Scan to BIM

Digital site capture is transforming how the industry can survey land, capture as-built conditions and remotely monitor projects and assets. A lot of major contractors are now using drones, cameras and laser scanning, but is their application being maximised? This set of talks explores digital site capture use-cases in the ...

Will Covid-19 change future building design?

Will Covid-19 change future building design?

The pandemic is likely to result in new building codes, and a shift in thinking around how space is used. How will technology underpin these changes? The AEC industry has an unprecedented opportunity to rethink the fundamental assumptions made about how we live, work and build. The effects of the ...

Dubai Business Bay

Redefining Dubai’s building permit system

The work is creating a new BIM standard for the emirate, and is expected to accelerate the building permit process, from application to building completion The first version of the Dubai BIM standard and the BIM e-Submission platform have been completed and can now be tested by selected registered consultants ...

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