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Case studies and in-depth intelligence from the Construction Technology Festival 2021, providing how-to insights for major construction technologies, including digital transformation, building a digital twin, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and reality site capture

Patrick O'Callaghan

Tech-powered offsite delivery

Integrating digital tools such as Machine Language, AI/AR, ERP, PMIS, Digital Twins and BIM with industrialised construction methods enhances information flow around factories, reduces the production time by robots and allows for data-driven decisions. Patrick O'Callaghan, CEO, Offsite Engineering Solutions explores the latest digital applications that are being implemented throughout ...

Will Covid-19 change future building design?

Will Covid-19 change future building design?

The pandemic is likely to result in new building codes, and a shift in thinking around how space is used. How will technology underpin these changes? The AEC industry has an unprecedented opportunity to rethink the fundamental assumptions made about how we live, work and build. The effects of the ...

Jason English

End-to-end digital site capture and gamification in project delivery

Jason English, CEO, Al Laith and current holder of Construction Technology Leader from the Construction Technology Awards, explains the journey his company took as it transformed digitally and changed its business focus. Technology has changed the shape of Al Laith “for good” said Jason English, CEO, Al Laith. The digital ...

The changing role of humans in structural design

The changing role of humans in structural design

Paul Mullett, Group Engineering and Technology Director, Robert Bird Group, explains the changing role of humans in structural design, looking in particular at how it applies to design in the AEC industry. The rise in data-driven computing and forms of artificial intelligence, such as machine learning, have gained traction in ...

Using IoT to improve occupancy comfort, safety and wellbeing

Using IoT to improve occupancy comfort, safety and wellbeing

Will Cavendish, Global Leader, Digital Services, Arup outlines ways to improve occupancy comfort and wellbeing by using Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Internal air quality within buildings can be a huge issue and is a “significant” part of occupational health. Here, Cavendish provides case studies on some of the IoT ...

Javier Bonilla Diaz

IoT assisted construction processes: Automated tunnelling

In this presentation, Javier Bonilla Diaz, Head of the Technology Observatory for Construction, Acciona, looks at how the company has used the Internet of Things in a tunnelling project. Acciona is introducing centralised project dashboards and greater use of technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), the ...

IoT in predictive maintenance – actions to improve output by 300%

IoT in predictive maintenance – actions to improve output by 300%

Speaking at the Construction Technology Festival, Keith Churchill, Chief Innovation Officer, Bechtel Global Corporation, outlined how the company is working with the US government to improve operational efficiency at a facility that destroys chemical weapons Growth in use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices has led to a greater understanding ...

Jacques Khouri, Dar Al Handasah

Creating long-term value from a digital twin

A successful digital twin will create clear business value for an asset owner, improving decision making and operational efficiency The most expensive part of building revolves around its long-term operations & maintenance. A digital twin is a “powerful” approach to reducing those costs, said Dr. Jacques Khouri, Head of Digital ...

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