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Catch up on debate, presentations and opinion on digitalisation in the built environment from our expert speakers at the Construction Technology Festival

CTF Online big data panel

Data security in construction must not be underestimated

Data security is becoming one of the most pressing issues in construction today, and as the industry continues to digitise, it will only get more important Convincing leadership to take cybersecurity threats seriously can be tough, as data classification and data sensitivity are not fully recognised, unless it directly translates ...

CTF Online Machine learning

Machine learning use cases in design, construction & handover

Machine learning-enabled AI solutions are now being used more widely in the construction sector and faster than what most of us had imagined. This panel discussion reveals some of the more promising use-cases and their outcomes so far, from site inspection to project risk assessment, predictions and intelligent design, and ...

CTF Online laser scanning

Laser scanning 101

Whilst laser scanning is relatively risk free, it is important to plan its use and understand how to get the best from it, particularly as there is a range of different systems on the market

CTF Online Modular

How modular and offsite manufacturing will change the post-Covid market

This panel discussion reveals how modular and offsite construction techniques (design, manufacturing & assembly) can be used to offset costly project delays caused by the pandemic, reduce overall construction waste and improve build quality. Will Covid-19 be the impetus to accelerate the region’s uptake and building approvals? https://youtu.be/SKe0aoKY8UQ Speaking on ...

Riyadh Derouiche

Building a digital strategy

As digitalisation increasingly becomes a strategic focus in construction, the challenge is to work through the many interpretations of what is meant by ‘digital' and to set clear goals and take employees on the journey

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