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Advice, video, expert comment and strategies on the growing importance of data use, security and management in construction

Daniel Llort

Lidar, drones and AI in the decision process for road maintenance

Daniel Llort, Projects Manager, Ministry of Infrastructure Development, UAE looks at the digitalisation of construction and maintenance for roads and highways for the Ministry, using technologies such as Light Detection and Ranging (Lidar) and drones. Speaking during the Construction Technology Festival, he outlined how the technologies give the ministry an ...

CTF 2022

Assuring data integrity in construction decision making

Data is the lifeblood of real-time decision-making. To provide accurate intelligence, it must be reliable, accurate, consistent and free from bias. Compromise these, and the information it provides becomes less effective. This panel will look at types of data, methods to ensure data is of high quality, and discuss real ...

PTF 2022

Using asset information models in the operational phase

How a data-led, whole of life approach should be approached from the offset The AEC industry is creating rich asset information models in order to improve transparency, efficiency and remove waste during a project. This can come at great expense to the operator, but in practice when it comes to ...

Paul Wallett

Interview: Paul Wallet, Trimble

Paul Wallet, Regional Director, Trimble Solutions Middle East & India, looks at the rise in use of advanced construction technologies, the role of data, automation and sustainability. Video timeline: 30 seconds: Acceleration in use of construction technology2.30: Data use3.30: Predictive modelling5.30: Advanced digitalisation examples8.40: Sustainability and embodied carbon12.30: Technology opportunities ...

Data in the construction industry

The importance of data in the construction industry

To get the best from data - and use it to make meaningful decisions - it must be clean, well organised and accessible By Oliver Kallenborn, Regional Controls & Assurance Director, Faithful+Gould and Alejandro Lopez, Digital Delivery Director, Atkins – members of the SNC-Lavalin Group Oliver Kallenborn We’ve all heard ...

Rob Jackson

Collaboration platforms and the future of data driven metrics

In a world where data is becoming easier to collect and store, Rob Jackson, Chief Growth Officer, Asite, looks at how organisations can maximise the value of this data and ensure platforms and standards allow data driven metrics that are accurate, comparable and facilitate informed decision making. This session is ...

Will Covid-19 change future building design?

Will Covid-19 change future building design?

The pandemic is likely to result in new building codes, and a shift in thinking around how space is used. How will technology underpin these changes? The AEC industry has an unprecedented opportunity to rethink the fundamental assumptions made about how we live, work and build. The effects of the ...

Data sharing in the construction

Benefits of data-sharing in construction

…and why that’s a good thing for future construction projects By Anastasios Dimas, Design Transformation Regional Lead, Middle East & Africa, Atkins, a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group Inherent in traditional methods of design is making certain assumptions, which can go on to adversely affect project costs, timelines and quality ...

Mohammad Ktaishat, AECOM - CTF 2021

What is digital transformation in construction? And why is it important?

How do construction companies shift people from thinking about data to thinking about and using information? “We say words like digital transformation, digital ecosystem, technology and all those linguistics. But what do they actually mean?” asked Mohammad Ktaishat, Civil Infrastructure Digital Project Delivery Lead - Middle East at AECOM, as ...

David Glennon, CTF 2021

Digital transformation on giga projects – The Red Sea Development

The Red Sea Project aims to diversify Saudi Arabia’s economy, and is using a number of digital techniques during construction to keep it on schedule and maintaining environmental principles Regenerative development is an important element of the Red Sea Project. The Red Sea Development Company has been tasked with not ...

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