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Key trends shaping construction technology growth

Consolidating software running within a company and ensuring digital innovators are kept in-house are key issues as construction companies digitalise We asked recently a group of digital construction experts what their biggest challenges were in the industry. Some answers were in line with our expectations. Better use of digital twins ...

Innovative and agile contracting in construction 4.0

Innovative and agile contracting in construction 4.0

Construction 4.0 is providing a higher level of efficiency and productivity through digital and technological innovations. The number of stakeholders and activities are increased while traditional practices are eliminated or managed differently. Innovative contracting is required in this new era to connect the dots, enhance collaboration, foster change management while ...


Digital value frameworks that ensure return on investment

This session from Construction Technology Festival Saudi Arabia (CTF KSA) explores best practice in setting digital frameworks that add tangible value. What are the digital foundations to be laid in a project that will ensure immediate value and what should be invested in later? What technologies should be implemented within ...

Construction data

Construction 4.0: Revolutionising the industry

Construction 4.0 is transforming construction and becoming a key differentiator in a competitive sector Construction has developed many innovative technologies over recent years, leading to the concept of “Construction 4.0” (derived from the foundation of Industry 4.0). First mentioned in 2016 by Roland Berger, this concept was primarily based on ...

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