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Advice, video, expert comment and strategies on the digital transformation of construction companies

David Glennon

Success stories in digital transformation: Red Sea Development Company

Success stories in digital transformation showcases the digitisation underway in the construction value chain in Saudi Arabia This session showcases recent success stories in digital transformation across Saudi Arabia. Discover a giga client’s unique approach to managing the project digitally from the offset. Understand a master developers’ transition to a ...

Jason English

End-to-end digital site capture and gamification in project delivery

Jason English, CEO, Al Laith and current holder of Construction Technology Leader from the Construction Technology Awards, explains the journey his company took as it transformed digitally and changed its business focus. Technology has changed the shape of Al Laith “for good” said Jason English, CEO, Al Laith. The digital ...

Charbel Azzam, Traxxeo - CTF 2021

Simplifying resource management using digital timesheets

How using digital timesheets integrated into reporting and payroll systems to make people management more efficient on a construction site Digital tools are being used during the construction process of the Waste to Energy project in Dubai to improve resource management and ensure daily tasks are effectively distributed and workers ...

Mohammad Ktaishat, AECOM - CTF 2021

What is digital transformation in construction? And why is it important?

How do construction companies shift people from thinking about data to thinking about and using information? “We say words like digital transformation, digital ecosystem, technology and all those linguistics. But what do they actually mean?” asked Mohammad Ktaishat, Civil Infrastructure Digital Project Delivery Lead - Middle East at AECOM, as ...

David Glennon, CTF 2021

Digital transformation on giga projects – The Red Sea Development

The Red Sea Project aims to diversify Saudi Arabia’s economy, and is using a number of digital techniques during construction to keep it on schedule and maintaining environmental principles Regenerative development is an important element of the Red Sea Project. The Red Sea Development Company has been tasked with not ...

Badr Burshaid, Saudi Aramco - CTF 2021

Digital transformation in megaproject management

Advanced use of digital tools play a major role in a company's transformation A digital transformation within construction should be adopted because it will be game changing. It can be the distinction between those companies with staying power and those that will disappear over the coming years, said Badr Burshaid, ...

Riyadh Derouiche - ctf 2021

How to build a digital strategy

Speaking during the Construction Technology Festival, Riyadh Derouiche, Partner, Kearney explains the must-do aspects of a digital strategy To meet future infrastructure demands, construction cannot rely on traditional methods. Speaking at the Construction Technology Festival in Dubai, Riyadh Derouiche, Partner, Kearney, said there are three main challenges preventing companies adopting ...

Offsite construction: Covid-19 will accelerate industry productisation

Offsite construction: Covid-19 will accelerate industry productisation

Offsite construction will reset the value chain, upskill the workforce and promote more sustainable practices. Covid-19 has accelerated existing challenges and trends, making offsite construction adoption a necessity By Riyadh Derouiche, Partner, Kearney Riyadh Derouiche Construction underpins economies and societies, greasing the wheels of development to build the fundamental blocks ...

Mansour Faried Awards- construction leader

Construction Technology Awards Leader: Mansour Faried

Mansour Faried, Chief Engineer & Corporate Engineering Director at China State Construction Engineering Corporation Middle East, has been shortlisted in the Construction Technology Leader category of the Construction Technology Awards https://www.youtube.com/embed/oAoQnr1N-9Y In our interview, he discusses what he looks for when testing new technologies, how industry attitudes towards construction ...

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