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How modular and offsite manufacturing will change the post-Covid market

This panel discussion reveals how offsite construction techniques (design, manufacturing & assembly) can be used to offset costly project delays caused by the pandemic, reduce overall construction waste and improve build quality. Will Covid-19 be the impetus to accelerate the region’s uptake and building approvals? https://youtu.be/SKe0aoKY8UQ Speaking on the How modular ...

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Technology with a purpose

DC Hub interviewed Alain Waha, Head of BIM and Digital at BuroHappold, to discuss the idea of technology with a purpose, driving broad support for digitialisation in construction, ensuring that tangible benefits are at the forefront of thinking and that the people who will make such projects a success are ...

Construction Beyond Covid-19

Construction Beyond Covid-19

Planning for the Future - Construction Beyond Covid-19 We are still in the crisis stage of Covid-19 and in this webinar we begin to look closely at what will be required, and expected, as we proceed with construction industry recovery. The ripple effect of worldwide lockdown and economic destruction from ...

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