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Advice, video, expert comment and strategies on use of monitoring technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) in construction planning and design

CTF 2022

Enhancing project control with IOT

New technologies are driving efficiencies and improvements within construction. This talk explores the value that can be gained from those technologies, from the contractor, owner and technology organisation point of view. Speakers: Phil Higgins, Director, Ventures Middle EastMiguel Monteiro, Senior Director – Development, EmaarDaniel Nerron, Corporate, Director of Human Resources, ...

PTF 2022

Community management giants on trends and technology

Community management giants discuss key trends and tenant priorities impacting the sector and how digitalisation can help address these demands. How will property teams prioritise software investment for the coming year – resident/tenant experience, energy management or building operations and why? Looking ahead to emerging real estate technologies such as ...

Samar Salih

Improving property services through wearables and sensors

Samar Salih, General Manager, FMPro Technology Solutions looks at how wearables and Internet of Things sensors are being used in property services, and the benefits these bring to operations. The company is using around 219 types of fixed and wearable sensors, providing information on areas such as performance management, customer ...

Using apps to address property management soft services

Using apps to address property management soft services

James Smith, Associate Director, Centre of Excellence, Emrill explains how the company developed and introduced an app called Effy (Efficiency Enhancement App) to address property services. The app is used by all staff to manage required work on properties and to track progress made. Since its introduction, Emrill has realised ...

Robert White

The use of IoT and AI for improving energy performance

Robert White, Head of Technology & Innovation, Engie outlines how use of data is changing from "what happened" to "what will happen" as it is increasingly used for forecasts. With artificial intelligence, that is now changing to "what should we do" and "how can we continually improve", he added. What ...

PTF 2022

IOT powered energy management for company properties

A significant challenge for property managers is maintaining high-quality energy performance in a building. In poorly run buildings, energy waste can mount, and eventually make up half of the total energy bill. Equally, a well-run building using Internet of Things sensors to properly manage equipment can reduce bills by as ...

Daniel Llort

Lidar, drones and AI in the decision process for road maintenance

Daniel Llort, Projects Manager, Ministry of Infrastructure Development, UAE looks at the digitalisation of construction and maintenance for roads and highways for the Ministry, using technologies such as Light Detection and Ranging (Lidar) and drones. Speaking during the Construction Technology Festival, he outlined how the technologies give the ministry an ...

Using IoT to improve occupancy comfort, safety and wellbeing

Using IoT to improve occupancy comfort, safety and wellbeing

Will Cavendish, Global Leader, Digital Services, Arup outlines ways to improve occupancy comfort and wellbeing by using Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Internal air quality within buildings can be a huge issue and is a “significant” part of occupational health. Here, Cavendish provides case studies on some of the IoT ...

Javier Bonilla Diaz

IoT assisted construction processes: Automated tunnelling

In this presentation, Javier Bonilla Diaz, Head of the Technology Observatory for Construction, Acciona, looks at how the company has used the Internet of Things in a tunnelling project. Acciona is introducing centralised project dashboards and greater use of technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), the ...

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