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Advice, video, expert comment and strategies on the new techniques and factory-based approaches to modular, prefab and offsite construction

Patrick O'Callaghan

Tech-powered offsite delivery

Integrating digital tools such as Machine Language, AI/AR, ERP, PMIS, Digital Twins and BIM with industrialised construction methods enhances information flow around factories, reduces the production time by robots and allows for data-driven decisions. Patrick O'Callaghan, CEO, Offsite Engineering Solutions explores the latest digital applications that are being implemented throughout ...

Planning for modular projects in Saudi Arabia

Planning for modular projects in Saudi Arabia

For modular construction projects to succeed, a unitised design approach should be considered from early planning stages, as opposed to post rationalise a standard design into a modular one.  Abdulmajid Karanouh, International Director and Head of Interdisciplinary Design and Innovation, Drees & Sommer, discusses what developers, consultants, contractors and operators ...


Meeting Saudi mega project targets through innovation and digitalisation

As Saudi Arabia awards ambitious, transformative urban development schemes guided by Vision 2030, this keynote panel for Construction Technology Festival Saudi Arabia (CTF KSA) explores how technology, social and environmental trends are driving the kingdom’s mega project delivery. The discussion focused on how Saudisation and developing talent, digital technologies and ...

Changing mindsets on modular for hospitality builds

Changing mindsets on modular for hospitality builds

In conjunction with Spacemaker, Digital Construction Hub brought together leaders from the hospitality and construction industries, including megaproject developers, architects and contractors, to discuss modular construction and how it can be applied to the hospitality industry, creating a value proposition for both consumers, hoteliers and investors. The roundtable set out ...


Modular bamboo: A versatile building material

Bamboo has potential for use as a sustainable, modular construction material due to its flexibility, durability and abundance Bamboo is considered a versatile, natural construction material that can be used to produce modular buildings. It is abundant and the plant can grow up to four feet per day. When harvested, ...

David Glennon, CTF 2021

Digital transformation on giga projects – The Red Sea Development

The Red Sea Project aims to diversify Saudi Arabia’s economy, and is using a number of digital techniques during construction to keep it on schedule and maintaining environmental principles Regenerative development is an important element of the Red Sea Project. The Red Sea Development Company has been tasked with not ...

Offsite construction: Covid-19 will accelerate industry productisation

Offsite construction: Covid-19 will accelerate industry productisation

Offsite construction will reset the value chain, upskill the workforce and promote more sustainable practices. Covid-19 has accelerated existing challenges and trends, making offsite construction adoption a necessity By Riyadh Derouiche, Partner, Kearney Riyadh Derouiche Construction underpins economies and societies, greasing the wheels of development to build the fundamental blocks ...

Wasl Gate, Dubai

Driving growth in modular construction

Population growth is driving the need for affordable housing units to be treated as a top priority by authorities - use of modular offers potential to meet that demand By introducing a manufacturing-style approach to building, modular construction offers benefits such as faster completion times, an improved ability to keep ...

CTF Online Modular

How modular and offsite manufacturing will change the post-Covid market

This panel discussion reveals how modular and offsite construction techniques (design, manufacturing & assembly) can be used to offset costly project delays caused by the pandemic, reduce overall construction waste and improve build quality. Will Covid-19 be the impetus to accelerate the region’s uptake and building approvals? https://youtu.be/SKe0aoKY8UQ Speaking on ...

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