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Tag: Workplace safety

Poor safety practices on construction site risks lives, and hits budgets and schedules – get advice on the technologies that improve workplace safety here

onsite safety

How Artificial Intelligence can enhance onsite safety

Onsite safety is of paramount importance to any construction company. Considered one of the most dangerous industries to work in, employees face onsite risk that can lead to accidents or fatal injury due to their exposure to hazardous conditions.   The main risk factors include: Being struck by equipment Slip ...

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Transforming the industry’s labour market, ethics and bottom line

Disrupting the labour market by digitising the ecosystem can introduce ethics, transparency and efficiency into the employment process. It can result in cost savings and greater revenues for employers, as well as improved workforce productivity. Jon Purizhansky, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Joblio Inc explains. https://youtu.be/PV3y7ksOljE More from CTF KSA

Exoskeletons for construction sites

Exoskeletons: A future workhorse for construction

The importance of exoskeletons in construction Construction suffers from a high rate of injury onsite - exoskeletons could help reduce workplace accidents and cut the number of days employees are off sick Workplace safety is a serious challenge for the construction industry. It has one of the highest rates of ...

Construction site

Using intelligent hardhats to trace patient zero’s movements

Using the connected hardhats on a construction site has the unintended benefit of quickly identifying who an infected worker has been in contact with during the Covid-19 pandemic Intelligent hardhat supplier WakeCap says an unintended benefit of its wireless monitoring system is that it can identify people who have come ...

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