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Advice, video, expert comment and strategies on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in construction

The changing role of humans in structural design

The changing role of humans in structural design

Paul Mullett, Group Engineering and Technology Director, Robert Bird Group, explains the changing role of humans in structural design, looking in particular at how it applies to design in the AEC industry. The rise in data-driven computing and forms of artificial intelligence, such as machine learning, have gained traction in ...

David Glennon, CTF 2021

Digital transformation on giga projects – The Red Sea Development

The Red Sea Project aims to diversify Saudi Arabia’s economy, and is using a number of digital techniques during construction to keep it on schedule and maintaining environmental principles Regenerative development is an important element of the Red Sea Project. The Red Sea Development Company has been tasked with not ...

Prakash Senghani Awards- construction leader

Construction Technology Leader: Prakash Senghani

Shortlisted in the Construction Technology Leader category of the Construction Technology Awards, Prakash Senghani, Director, Head of Digital Delivery, JLL, talks about how digitalisation is accelerating and why onsite safety is so important Prakash Senghani, Director, Head of Digital Delivery, JLL is a big advocate of digitalisation and construction technology, ...

CTF Online Machine learning

Machine learning use cases in design, construction & handover

Machine learning-enabled AI solutions are now being used more widely in the construction sector and faster than what most of us had imagined. This panel discussion reveals some of the more promising use-cases and their outcomes so far, from site inspection to project risk assessment, predictions and intelligent design, and ...

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