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Advice, video, expert comment and strategies on digitalisation in construction

Construction site

Using intelligent hardhats to trace patient zero’s movements

Using the connected hardhats on a construction site has the unintended benefit of quickly identifying who an infected worker has been in contact with during the Covid-19 pandemic Intelligent hardhat supplier WakeCap says an unintended benefit of its wireless monitoring system is that it can identify people who have come ...

Alain Waha

Technology with a purpose

DC Hub interviewed Alain Waha, Head of BIM and Digital at BuroHappold, to discuss the idea of technology with a purpose, driving broad support for digitialisation in construction, ensuring that tangible benefits are at the forefront of thinking and that the people who will make such projects a success are ...

Riyadh Derouiche

Building a digital strategy

As digitalisation increasingly becomes a strategic focus in construction, the challenge is to work through the many interpretations of what is meant by ‘digital' and to set clear goals and take employees on the journey

Digital Construction and Remote Working

Digital Construction and Remote Working

Construction Technology Forum Live held the Digital Construction and Remote Working webinar on 13 May 2020, the first in an online series of bite-size panel discussions and debates on how digital technology is changing the way E&C companies work and deliver projects. Join our host, Robert Jones, Partner at b2b ...

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