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Robert Jones

Robert Jones

Cristina Savian

Creating a digital twin business case

This talk reveals how a clear business case and value proposition must determine when and how a digital twin should be used and what those uses are. A digital twin can be created at any project or asset...

Mark Coates

Defining digital twins for the built environment

Digital Construction Hub previously spoke with key figures from the Centre for Digital Built Britain about their work on defining a roadmap for digital twins and the release of the Gemini Papers. This follow-up, which took place during...

Advancing 3D printing to mass use

Advancing 3D printing to mass use

3D printing will change construction. It will introduce new approaches to design, reduce construction times and minimise waste. But, as with many new technologies, it has obstacles to overcome in its route to mass use. Challenges include ensuring...

PTF 2022

IOT powered energy management for company properties

A significant challenge for property managers is maintaining high-quality energy performance in a building. In poorly run buildings, energy waste can mount, and eventually make up half of the total energy bill. Equally, a well-run building using Internet...

Construction crane

Value of GCC project falls for a second quarter

GCC construction project awards: Q2 2022 The value of GCC construction project awards – including buildings, infrastructure and industrial – shrank for a second quarter in a row in the Digital Construction Hub Projects Awards Tracker. Second quarter...

CTF 2022

Assuring data integrity in construction decision making

Data is the lifeblood of real-time decision-making. To provide accurate intelligence, it must be reliable, accurate, consistent and free from bias. Compromise these, and the information it provides becomes less effective. This panel will look at types of...

Sam Stacey

Transforming a nation’s construction sector

Sam Stacey, Challenge Director: Transforming Construction, UK Research & Innovation, outlines the work done to help transform and digitalise the UK's construction sector, and along the way points to learnings that can be used globally. There were important...

PTF 2022

Property management giants on trends and tech

It begins with a story about Star Trek and Dubai, and moves into a discussion by property giants on key trends and tenant priorities impacting the sector, and how digitalisation can help address these demands. How will property...

Ash Toma

A 4-step journey towards data-led decisions that increase asset value

Today organisations face a more complex and diverse shareholder eco-system, thus, the everyday operational and the long-term strategic decisions become increasingly complex. Making decisions that enhance property value are no longer just about budget. Regulatory changes, Environmental, Social...

Jaime Luque

Global trends in PropTech

PropTech (Property Technology) refers to the software, tools, platforms, apps, websites, and other digital solutions employed by real estate practitioners, from brokers and appraisers to property managers, architects and construction managers. It encompasses construction technology and commercial real...

Said Haider

Emerging technology in real estate

This talk looks at the real estate sector and maximising revenues from buildings. As with the construction phase, the importance of clean data rises to the surface. Presented by: Said Haider, Senior Director, Yardi https://youtu.be/k6xozsjujiA More from the...

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