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Tag: Construction Materials

Advice, video, expert comment and strategies on carbon reduction strategies when using sustainable construction materials


Emulating Martian soil on Earth to create super-strength concrete

Martian Concrete could be key to future human colonisation on Mars As engineers continue to evolve modern concrete on Earth, some materials scientists have taken their concrete visions one step further into space. Scientists led by Lin Wan at Northwestern University in the US developed the Martian concrete using materials that are ...

protecting buildings from earthquakes

Carbon Fibre to protect buildings from earth quakes

In our continuing series on research into novel construction materials, DC Hub looks at a the Cabkoma strand rod, a lightweight, carbon fibre material used to absorb seismic energy Cabkoma is a thermoplastic carbon fibre that was developed in 2015 by the Komatsu Seiten Fabric Laboratory in Japan. Its primary ...

Researchers test soil-based materials for 3D printed buildings

A research team in the US are investigating the use of soil as an alternative to concrete in 3D printed buildings. If successful, they say it will help the construction industry develop more sustainable building methods and could provide “dignified” homes in poorer regions. Using local materials such as soil ...

Crack in concrete

Self-healing concrete – the future of construction

Self-healing concrete has been identified as a technology that will have a lasting impact on the future of construction Structural deterioration and building cracks remain a major concern for asset owners and managers. Self-healing concrete, which is still in its embryonic stages of development, could be the game-changing solution to ...

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