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Rework Offenders Killing Your Margin 

Rework Offenders Killing Your Margin 

Sources say that you can lose anywhere between 9% and 30% of your profits to rework. It may seem like these losses are an unavoidable and accepted part of the building process, but it doesn’t have to be....

CTF 2022

Enhancing project control with IOT

New technologies are driving efficiencies and improvements within construction. This talk explores the value that can be gained from those technologies, from the contractor, owner and technology organisation point of view. Speakers: Phil Higgins, Director, Ventures Middle EastMiguel...

Abdullah Al Bash

The future of work

This talk explores the project-based nature of construction work, and how app-based services will be increasing used for temporary employment and full-time roles in future. Presented by: Abdullah Al Bash, Founder and CEO, Constal https://youtu.be/ONAZ6vgn3rw More from the...

Ozan Koseoglu

How to implement a greenfield digital twin

For greenfield projects, digital twin implementation is an on-going journey and a process of integration between engineering, fabrication, construction and O&M to create a workable end platform that can be operated. Without this fully integrated environment, you will...

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