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Tech Horizons: Mastering Information Management and Driving Digital Success

In Episode 8, Andy Boutle, Head of Digital Construction at ALEC, delves into effective information management and the shift to digitized processes in construction. Drawing from his role at ALEC and prior experience, Andy discusses challenges in implementation, measuring digital success, and ensuring compliance with international standards like ISO 19650 through technology. The episode also explores cultural differences in project management and the distinction between BIM and Digital Twins, offering insights into information management’s pivotal role in driving innovation across the MENA region.



Andy Boutle,
Head of Digital Construction – ALEC

With over 20 years of industry experience, specializing in Building Information Modeling (BIM), Andy Boutle currently serves as ALEC’s Head of Digital Construction, where he drives digitalization efforts and champions the benefits of a tech-forward approach. Additionally, he serves as an international ambassador for Nima, promoting the adoption of information management in the MENA region.


Madeleine Skillen
Senior Marketing Manager – Procore

With over 8+ years working in the world of tech, Madeleine Skillen now serves as Procore MENA’s Regional Marketing Manager. Having launched the brand in the region, she expertly grasps the Middle East’s construction landscape, from trends to tech benefits. Madeleine’s attraction to construction stems from tech’s potential to enhance industry lives socially, environmentally, and economically.