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Tech Horizons: Decoding Digital Twins and Unlocking its Full Potential

Episode 7 explores the dynamic realm of digital evolution within the Middle Eastern construction sector, highlighting the revolutionary impact of Digital Twins. Addressing the integration hurdles with current systems, our discussion presents effective tactics to surmount barriers and facilitate a smooth shift towards widespread implementation.


Cristina Savian

CEO and Founder- BE-WISE

Cristina is the founder of BE-WISE, an international consultancy firm with offices in London, Dubai and Melbourne. Her mission is to help drive digital transformation and technology adoption across the construction sector. Cristina is also the author of a few publications focusing on the adoption of digital twins in the built environment, published by IET and RICS.


Madeleine Skillen

Senior Marketing Manager – Procore

With over 8+ years working in the world of tech, Madeleine Skillen now serves as Procore MENA’s Senior Marketing Manager. Having launched the brand in the region, she expertly grasps the Middle East’s construction landscape, from trends to tech benefits. Madeleine’s attraction to construction stems from tech’s potential to enhance industry lives socially, environmentally, and economically.