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Tech Horizons: Maximizing Construction Efficiency Through Platform Integration

In epsiode 11 Madeleine Skillen talks with Tony Harbour, Head of Technology Partnerships at Procore, about what defines a true platform and the best strategies for advocating construction technology. Dive into discussions on partner integration, overcoming attachment to legacy systems, and advice for newcomers in construction tech. Explore the value of tech experimentation, connecting people, managing risk, and driving efficiencies.



Tony Harbour
Head of Technology Partnerships, Procore Technologies

Tony is a seasoned technology executive with over two decades of experience in the construction industry. As the Head of Technology Partnerships for EMEA at Procore, he plays a crucial role in advancing construction technology. Tony has a proven track record of building strategic alliances and fostering productive relationships with global technology partners. He leverages his deep understanding of the construction industry’s unique challenges to create partnerships that empower professionals to work more efficiently and effectively.


Madeleine Skillen
Senior Marketing Manager – Procore

With over 8+ years working in the world of tech, Madeleine Skillen now serves as Procore MENA’s Regional Marketing Manager. Having launched the brand in the region, she expertly grasps the Middle East’s construction landscape, from trends to tech benefits. Madeleine’s attraction to construction stems from tech’s potential to enhance industry lives socially, environmentally, and economically.