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Tech Horizons: Lessons on Leadership and Resilience

Episode 10 of Tech Horizons features a dynamic discussion with Mathew Lamont, Founder of Colain, a project management group in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Mathew shares his journey from psychometric testing to inspecting bridges at Network Rail, to leading major projects and building a business in the Middle East. Discover insights on resilience, perseverance, setting up a business, and importing talent into Middle Eastern construction. An honest and inspiring interview on leadership, talent management, and staying true to your goals.



Mathew Lamont
Founder and Managing Director, Colain

Mathew, a civil engineering graduate with 26 years of experience, has extensive knowledge in the construction industry. He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Civil Engineers, the Chartered Institute of Builders, and the Association for Project Management. In 2008, Mathew founded Colain in the UK. Recently, he established Colain in the UAE with a trusted colleague after transitioning from a regional role at a UAE-based Project Management Consultancy. Dedicated to career development in the construction industry, he now also mentors young and experienced professionals.


Madeleine Skillen
Senior Marketing Manager – Procore

With over 8+ years working in the world of tech, Madeleine Skillen now serves as Procore MENA’s Regional Marketing Manager. Having launched the brand in the region, she expertly grasps the Middle East’s construction landscape, from trends to tech benefits. Madeleine’s attraction to construction stems from tech’s potential to enhance industry lives socially, environmentally, and economically.