Clear client benefits key to making new technology attractive

CTF Online ROI

By demonstrating the benefit and return on investment to a client, technology companies have a greater chance of success in construction Contractors want to see the benefits that new technologies will bring to their customers – the client – when being pitched new products, said panellists on a debate about driving digitalisation in construction through proof of return on investment (RoI). Margins are tight in the industry, and many contractors, whilst willing to invest in new...

CTF Online laser scanning

Laser scanning 101

Whilst laser scanning is relatively risk free, it is important to plan its use and understand how to get the best from it, particularly as there is a range of different systems on the market

Engineering digital twins for vibrant societies

Engineering digital twins for vibrant societies

As fellow citizens, we work best when we’re connected and collaborating, and we need an open and shared built environment to do this effectively. Construction is how society comes together, despite an ever-changing environment, and builds tomorrow’s vibrant societies....

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