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How aerogel can be used for sustainable building construction?

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  • Aerogel is a transparent material with optical properties such as high light and solar transmittance. It also has very good thermal insulation properties. It can be used as a transparent wall in solar collectors and in office buildings. It is used as highly energy efficient windows. In addition to the low thermal conductivity of silica aerogel, a high solar energy and daylight transmittance is achieved. By using the passive solar energy through windows, it is possible to reduce the annual energy consumption for space-heating in cold climates.
  • Aerogel can insulate roof cavities or can be used to reduce thermal bridging in roof rafters. It can be used for highly insulated homes that are sealed from the outside, both over masonry and under shingles and it has high insulation value.
  • In a typical building, framing which constitutes nearly 25% of the building envelope is uninsulated, resulting in heat loss through the studs. The insulation stops this thermal bridging and improves thermal performance up to 40% in such steel studs and up to 15% in wood studs.
  • Aerogel insulation’s thermal efficiency, good compression strength and thin profile make it ideal as an under floor insulating layer where height is an issue. Aerogel insulation is fast, cost effective solution for basement renovations, easy to install, improves thermal comfort and does not disrupt door fittings because it is very thin. It installs quickly and can improve the thermal comfort of a house. If used with radiant floors, it saves energy and enables a fast heating cycle.

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