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What are some of the applications of exoskeletons  in Construction?

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The exoskeletons or exosuits are metal frameworks fitted with motorized muscles to multiply the wearer’s strength. The robotic suits’ metal framework will be similar to an extent to the wearer’s internal skeletal structure. The suit makes lifted objects feel much lighter, and sometimes even weightless, reducing injuries and improving compliance.

In construction, manufacturing and other industries that are adopting the robotic structures, the exoskeletons augment human motion to allow for more lifting strength and for improved production on repetitive tasks like lifting, bending, or walking.

Those wearing the exosuits will also be less prone to severe injuries from accidents or overwork.

Some of the applications where Exoskeletons are used in construction sites are to offer back support to help workers as they bend down to perform a lift especially if it needed multiple times. They reduce the load on the back muscles while bending down and cut down on repetitive-stress injuries. They also ensure users maintain correct posture while bending to cut down on muscular injuries.

Some suits are simple arms that help workers lift heavy tools, while fuller exoskeletons, offer shoulder or arm support.

Exoskeleton, thus assists in reducing worker strain by preventing repetitive tasks that are a frequent issue in construction and manufacturing industry. Such wearables can make employees more efficient and can also keep the workers who are dealing with injuries or age related problems.

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